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Thank you for your interest in my baking!  Now that you have had a chance to see all I offer, lets chat! All orders must be placed in advance (I do not have any sweets made in advance ready for sale). The further in advance you book your order the greater chance you have of me being available.  I typically fill up 4-8 weeks in advance so the earlier the better, but I will always try to accommodate less lead time if I am able.

*(Please note that when you contact me I may be available for your date but that is subject to change at any moment if another person submits a deposit before you for the same date and takes my last availability.  I am always in contact with multiple customers at once so am not able to inform you if your date is about to be booked by someone else. An order is not placed until a deposit has been paid.)



To request a quote/order please email me at

I will be happy to get in touch with you at my earliest availability

*(Please note if you contact me on or near the weekends more than likely I won't be able to reply until Monday as I will be busy baking away and spending much needed family time on Sundays.)

The main things I will need to know is:

-The date of your event (most important)

-What items you would like and quantities

- If ordering a cake how many it needs to feed

-Pictures of what you like are very helpful (we can always customize it from there). 

-Type of party and theme if any

-Will you need delivery, if so address to event. (delivery is offered for an extra fee based on mileage.) Otherwise orders can be picked up at our address in Murrieta

From there we can start discussing your custom order! 


*Please note technology fails us sometimes and my replies can go to your spam folder or there are glitches.  I always reply to all my inquiries even if it is to say I am not available so if you do not hear from me I am not ignoring you!  So please include your phone number so I can reach you a few different ways if needed. 


Once we decide on a total/design I just require a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit to place your order, and then you pay your balance by the date of the event. (balance paid before event if a wedding is preferred)

Forms of payment:


~Apple Pay (951-226-4909)

~Zelle use my email

~Credit card (there is a 5% processing fee)

Cancelation Policy

All deposits are non refundable except in the event that I have to cancel your order due to an emergency (take note this almost never happens so this is only in rare instances) I will refund you your deposit and do my best to help you find another baker, if you would like.


If YOU need to cancel then I will need at least a 2 week notice so that I can fill your spot with another order.  You can then use your deposit as a credit for another date up to 4 months from date canceled (if I am available for requested date).  Future order must be for aprox the same amount as original. 


-If you cancel less than 2 weeks before your date no credit is given. 



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